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I hope you are doing fine in searching for Informatics Program.

If you are interested in healthcare and information science and technology, then Informatics program can provide you the training.


At the end of my career (getting close to retirement), I have decided to pass my knowledge and experience to as many individuals as I can and prepare them to work in healthcare business.


I have an opportunity through CAREDA group to design a curriculum and teach it myself. CAREDA is an Education, Coaching, and Consulting company in healthcare, and their primary focus is practical training.


I hope you can join me in this journey.


When I started working in healthcare, I had no idea how Information Technology is designed and used in healthcare. Now, I have over 30 years experience in Information Science and Technology, healthcare industry, management, and teaching. I am offering an Informatics Program to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who is passionate about Informatics.


My goal is to expand this program and later offer more training in each system and application. I am hoping I will have few individuals to stay with me throughout this journey.


There are a number of colleges and universities offering Informatics program, their intention is to combine Information Science and Healthcare by offering computer science and healthcare courses.

This is not a typical college or university course, my intention is to have hands-on training and help you to develop the skills you will need when you start your career in the healthcare industry.

To study informatics, you need to know what systems are used in healthcare business, what each system does, what is the purpose of each system, and how they are connected. These systems require proper architecture to connect and communicate in order to provide  information at the right time to users.


I have designed the Informatics program to introduce Informatics, explain what data exist in healthcare, and what is the information technology structure looks like and how to manage it. Project management in healthcare is very important since there will be small to large projects to accomplish implementation and changes in the systems and applications. So, I have included a module for project management.

So far, we have implemented Electronic Health Records systems in healthcare organization successfully. Installing systems and softwares is not enough solution. We still need to architect the system and software for business needs.

I will be creating a discussion group and you are welcome to join. The purpose is to converse about healthcare industry. You will benefit from sharing your intentions and hear others why to learn informatics and if this program is right for you.


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I hope you are doing fine in search of informatics program.

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