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The Coaching Method for
Career Education Professionals

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: We invite career educators to explore coaching methods, skills, and competencies. Despite many differences, career educators in all disciplines, from healthcare to trade, to technology, share similar challenges in their effort to guide their clients through often challenging and life-changing decisions.


Through case studies and experiential exercises—including ones that place you in the shoes of someone receiving coaching—you’ll develop and fine-tune essential coaching skills. By moving beyond typical mentoring, advising, or counseling, you’ll find new ways to strengthen your own, your clients and your team's performance. The program’s case studies, examples, skill practice and discussions will revolve around interaction with students at career colleges and higher education institutions.


WHO IS THE PROGRAM FOR? The program is designed with career educators in mind: Career and Admission Advisors, Instructors and Faculty, Administrators and Managers responsible for quality of student experience and outcomes.


PROGRAM INSTRUCTORS. The program has been designed by an ICF credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC). Career coaches and professionals with significant experience in related areas teach each program module-course.


PROGRAM COMPLETION: Complete any or all of the 4 modules and earn Certificate of Completion for each Module and/or Program overall.


PROGRAM DELIVERY: The program is delivered via ZOOM -- live real-time video conference in two-hour sessions a week, for the total of 24 hours for all 4 modules.


PROGRAM MATERIAL: No textbooks or other material is required. The participants will be provided with resources and material for each module and each session.

PROGRAM COST: Tuition for each module listed on this page is for individual enrollments. Group / team discounts are available. Please sent a quote request to

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